July 27, 2014

That Which Sometimes Falls Between Us / As Light Fades

New Daniel Thomas double-album on Ap Martlet's Kirkstall Dark Matter label. 'That Which Sometimes Falls Between Us' is a follow up to Delighted in Isolation (originally released on the much missed Striate Cortex), whilst As Light Fades serves as a precursor to Revolution#21 and Enemy Territory (both on Cherry Row Recordings). There's a double-CDr release, with a deliciously tactile cork frontage, a digital download and a (bonkers) deluxe, flower-press edition, which comes bolted together between two pieces of beeswax covered pieces of wood...

July 21, 2014

Poster for the Summer Fest

Cops and Robbers Summer Fest

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of August | Wharf Chambers, LEEDS
Food from 5pm | Bands from 6pm | £6/4 (unwaged) | Weekend entry £10

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July 17, 2014

Cops and Robbers Summer Fest!!!

Cops and Robbers, Wharf Chambers and Sheepscar Light Industrial are all delighted to present;

Cops and Robbers Summer Fest

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of August | Wharf Chambers, LEEDS
Food from 5pm | Bands from 6.30pm | £6/4 (unwaged) | Weekend entry £10

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Bilge Pump
Leeds DIY favourites get back in the saddle after a few months off. Experimental-rock power-trio of the highest order, expect sinewy riffs, Led Zep-esque drums and unfathomable vocal witticisms...

Gummy Stumps
Glasgow primitivists bob down for a rare skronky treat. Three-stringed guitar strum, loose-limbed drum thump and gnarled vocals that would make Killdozer pale with terror.

Sex Hands
Manchester-based garage punk grouping. Slop-pop gems busting out from the agitated clatter and reverbed jangle. Members of irma Vep, Waiters, Klaus Kinski...

First gig for this new-no-wave-y trio featuring members of Beards, Sissy Hex/Etai Keshiki and Pifco, should be a real treat.

The Michael Flower Band
Local guitar slinging, free music hero of Vibracathedral Orchestra / Flower Corsano fame. Firing up a 21st Century version of Velvets/Henry Flynt-esque rhythmic chug and ecstatic boogie.

Insect Ritual / Guttersnipe
Another first performance. Frenzied, part-improvised electronics/drums/guitar/sax attack. Hideous musick from folks you may recognise from Etai Keshiki, A Void in a Coma...

We'll be rounding off Saturday's gig with a late-nighter of DJs, including Jer Reid from Glasgow. Spinning Post-Punk, Weirdo Disco, Old-school Hip Hop, Synthy stuff, Glam and 70s Power pop etc.


The Family Elan
West Yorkshire drums, bass and saz trio. A fascination with traditional musics, from Turkish folk dances and Hindi pop, manifests itself in live performances that are high energy, party friendly affairs, embracing the deeply psychedelic.

The Zero Map
Based in Brighton, expect a fusion of kraut rock and electronica that will make you think that you're hearing a lost Tangerine Dream soundtrack for the first time. They are also both members of the many headed beast that is The A Band.

The Piss Superstition
Pennine-spanning, super-duo of Julian (Vibracatherdral Orchestra) and Paul (Mob Rules). Tune in for some deep, raw, all consuming improv-electro-psych-noise.

Sophie Cooper
Sof is Todmorden's finest exponent of reverb soaked, drone laden, off-kilter pop. She co-runs Tor Bookings, who bring all kinds of interesting sounds to the western frontier of West Yorkshire.

War Lass
Positioned behind an impressive array of analogue synthesizers, we might get a bone rattling low frequency groove or shimmering electronic noodling. Whatever happens, it'll be a grand affair.

Jake Blanchard
Head honcho of the Tor Press label, producer of fine illustrations, builder of instruments, multi-faceted live performer of improvised, lo-fi psychedelia and all round good egg. Sickening 'eh?

Sheepscar Light Industrials house band, featuring Daniel and David Thomas. No relation. There will probably be a couple of synths and lots of pedals producing some kind of deep, throbbing analogue drone.

All proceeds will go towards keeping C&R in print and online. Donations gratefully accepted on the night too.

Wharf Chambers is a members' club; you need to be a member, or the guest of a member, in order to attend. To join, please visit wharfchambers.org. Membership costs £1 and requires a minimum of 48 hours to take effect.

Full version of Enemy Territory

The full version of the track from the Cherry Row Recordings release of Enemy Territory by Daniel Thomas is now available on the Cherry Row SoundCloud page;

July 11, 2014

New Daniel Thomas on Cherry Row

June 07, 2014

Midwich & The Skull Mask | Cherry Row & Hairdryer Excommunication

So, after Rob (Midwich) and Miguel (The Skull Mask) got together to collaborate on the recordings that make up Six Angles, me and Kev (Hairdryer Excommunication) got together and decided that we'd both release it. So, what you have is the same album, released on Cherry Row Recordings and Hairdryer Excommunication. Enjoy, it's a cracker...

The FUSE Recordings

So, the good folks of FUSE Art Space in Bradford, have made the recordings Hagman, Ap Martlet and Daniel Thomas available, from the gig we did alongside Petrels. It was a cracking night all round; enjoy the recordings...