January 05, 2015


The thirtieth release from Sheepscar Light Industrial...

Available on a limited edition CDr or digital download from Bandcamp;


The twenty-ninth release from Sheepscar Light Industrial...

Available on a limited edition CDr or digital download from Bandcamp;


The twenty-eighth release from Sheepscar Light Industrial...

Available on a limited edition CDr or digital download from Bandcamp;

December 08, 2014

Dub Variations at Music Won't Save You

So, Italian blog Music Won't Save You has put up a review of The Thomas Family's Dub Variations album (still available via Crow Versus Crow). The original article can be found here, although I have a sketchy web translation below;

"Over three-quarters of an hour of low frequencies in gradual evolution, broken down into three long tracks, constitute the first witness to the duo formed by Daniel and David Thomas under the alias The Thomas Family, as you can imagine fruit of a thin humor, as the two (who had already collaborated in projects Hagman and TST) are not bound by any restriction of kinship.

Misleading at least as far as the name and the title of their first work, published in an edited edition of only one hundred copies. "Dub Variations" has in fact very little of the dub as usually understood, tabling if anything a declination eroded beyond the bone, reduced to very low frequencies from the gait almost completely arrhythmic and variations just above the level of perception. As a result, there is a universe by the substantial nature dark-ambient, resulting from the interaction of roaring field recordings and minimal sketches produced by modular synthesizer.

The crescendo (or rather, the thickening) followed by the iter traces located outcome, in the final, in a rhythmic content slightly more pronounced, which however does not deviate "Dub Variations" by the essence of impenetrable modulation sound stamps that seem to come from claustrophobic subterranean depth."

December 04, 2014

Daniel Thomas - Visitors

And, whilst I'm able to post, I should mention that Visitors from Daniel Thomas came out on our sister-label, Cherry Row Recordings, at the end of last week. Sales have been swift and there's only three copies left, so get your skates on if you're interested. Whilst plugging Cherry Row, I guess I should also mention that I still have two copies of Midwich's Inertia Crocodile left...

Daniel Thomas and Friends at Igloo

So, Stephen over at Igloo Magazine has written a bumper review, featuring a host of releases that I've been involved with over the past few months, including;

TST - Tsim Sha Tsui (Sheepscar Light Industrial)
TST - The Spoken Truth (Hairdryer Excommunication)
Midwich - Inertia Crocodile (Cherry Row Recordings)
Daniel Thomas - Enemy Territory (Cherry Row Recordings)
Hagman - Number Mask (LF Records)
Daniel Thomas - That Which Sometimes Falls Between Us / As Light Fades (Kirkstall Dark Matter)

Radio Free Midwich 5th Birthday Shindig

So, last weekend (give or take a day or two) was the fifth birthday of Radio Free Midwich (and the twentieth of Midwich!), celebrated at Wharf Chambers, thanks to Mitch from Forgets and some opportunistic hijacking from Rob. There were performances from Hagman, Human Combustion Engine, Midwich, UK Muzzlers (Neil Campbell and John Clyde-Evans) and Forgets...

It was a grand old affair; despite the fact that a dearth of taxis meant I walked back to Sheepscar with my MS20 slung over my shoulder and a punishingly heavy record box in my arms. Ouch! Rob, who accompanied me on this odyssey had his MC303 in a back-pack and was carrying a bag which had a helium balloon in it. A much more sensible approach.

Any hoo, to read more, head over to RFM. YOu may also wish to drop by Bandcamp, where the Midwich, along with a 'studio' version of it, can be found and downloaded...