April 03, 2014

RFM Talks "Extraction Music"

In his latest piece on the ever wonderful Radio Free Midwich, Mr Rob Hayler says some lovely things about recent releases from Ap Martlet, Kevin Sanders / Petals and yours truly. This is company that I'm very comfortable in; Dave and I record and perform as Hagman, whilst Kev and I frequently collaborate as a duo. Hey, the three of us even performed as a trio back in January.

So, what of "Extraction Music"?

Well, this is the term Rob uses to sub-categorise the sound that the three of us err towards and he describes it as such;

"Extraction music contains a large measure of drone spiced with a helping of throbbing, psychedelic noise and other ingredients. It can be heavy, urgent and demanding but it is not, as a rule, harsh or aggressive. Instead the sound is enveloping, fluctuating – fully engaged."

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March 19, 2014

Idwal Fisher: Underground Explorer

(Photo c/o Phill_dvsn)

Things are good in Leeds and West Yorkshire's no audience underground is in rude health. Like Sheepscar Beck it flows at a steady pace, a constantly changing amalgamation of the old and the new. Emerging only sporadically from its subterranean course, it frequently goes unnoticed by all but a few intrepid explorers. Here, Idwal Fisher dons his waders, checks the batteries on his head torch, turns the volume up to 11 and sets off to document the current state of play...

"You’ll find the word ‘Leeds’ running right through every one of these releases like Blackpool rock, be it label or artist. It seems that you cant walk the streets these days without tripping up over a noise artist or a drone label that limits its releases to 50 copies or less."

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Sheepscar Light Industrial Hairdryer Excommunication Altar of Waste
Angurosakuson Cherry Row Recordings

Click on the covers or head to Altar of Waste, Angurosakuson, Cherry Row Recordings, Hairdryer Excommunication or Sheepscar Light Industrial for more information...

Four More Cosmic Jams at Igloo

Stephen Fruitman has just filed his review of Four More Cosmic Jams from Daniel Thomas & Kevin Sanders over at Igloo Magazine;

"Daniel Thomas huddles once again with Kevin Sanders to generate sooty, dystopic hum."

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March 06, 2014

Revolution#21 on Cherry Row...

A new Daniel Thomas release on SLI's sister label; Cherry Row Recordings...

March 03, 2014

Institutions: Old and New

Just a quick little post to draw the attention towards some happenings in the near future; a great selection of things to go and see, run by people who do things the way they should be done...

The wonderful Cops and Robbers is celebrating 15 years of being at the centre of Leeds' vibrant and thriving DIY gig culture. When I moved to Leeds, back in 2001, I picked up my first copy from the counter of Jumbo Records; it was a gateway into Leeds and is as essential today as it was then.

So, get yourselves down to Wharf Chambers (a venue that has already established itself as part of Leeds' DIY fabric) on March 15th for a day of revelry, celebration and fund-raising to mark this landmark for Cops and Robbers. A minimum donation of £6 is a bargain for the expectedly great line-up;

Now, from a well established institution to one that, in it's third year, is becoming an annual fixture in the calendar of Leeds. The third of Pete "Half an Abortion" Cann's Crater Lake Festivals is almost upon us; March 8th, to be precise. Again hosted by the good folk of Wharf Chambers, a combined celebration of Pete's birthday and of the rich vein of experimental, alternative and under the radar sounds he enjoys. Another bargain at only £5...

Hooligan Harmonics | Dutch Oven | Paul Watson & Duncan Harrison
Slow Listener | Hobo Head | Chastity Potato | Clive Henry | Filthy Turd & Yol
Brittle / Fettle | Smut | The Subs(cribers) | MXLX | Lobster Priest

Facebook Event

And, finally, a quick word on Bare Plume, whose next event takes place on March 14th (again) at Wharf Chambers. Run by a few friendly and familiar faces from a host of other Leeds/Bradford based DIY art and music collectives, Bare Plume have been growing their own reputation as hosts of a quality night out; putting on a string of events featuring vegan food, cocktails, DJs and bands. Check out their fancy new website via the link above...

Jooklo Duo | Gelba | Dave Jackson | Elizabeth

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February 06, 2014


The twenty-fourth release from Sheepscar Light Industrial...

Available on a limited edition CDr or digital download from Bandcamp;


The twenty-third release from Sheepscar Light Industrial...

Available on a limited edition CDr or digital download from Bandcamp;