SLI.001 - Daniel Thomas & Midwich - Twenty-three Taels
SLI.002 - Mel O'Dubhslaine - I Can Remember the Faces of All the Grebs at My School
SLI.003 - Michael Clough - Atem Tanz
SLI.004- The Skull Mask- Ella y Su Mirada Lasciva
SLI.005- Hagman- Wornwood
SLI.006- Midwich- Eaves
SLI.007- Andrew Jarvis- Cardigan Arms
SLI.008- Aqua Dentata- A Staircase Missing
SLI.009- Petals- Whether to Drown
SLI.010- BBBlood- N 51°33' 0'' / W 0°7' 0''
SLI.011- Core of the Coalman- 12 Lines
SLI.012- Ap Martlet- Pyrite
SLI.013- Phil Julian- Hive Work
SLI.014- Sindre Bjerga- Misdirection
SLI.015- Astral Social Club- Squeegee Anthem #1
SLI.016- Tuluum Shimmering- Inside the Mountain
SLI.017- Daniel Thomas & Kevin Sanders- Transit Timing Variations
SLI.018- Plurals- Gland Extraction
SLI.019- Hagman- TKT and TMS
SLI.020- Seth Cooke- Run For Cover
SLI.021- These Feathers Have Plumes- Untitled
SLI.022- Inseminoid- Vanessa Howard's Night Light
SLI.023- Daniel Thomas- Codeine
SLI.024- The Zero Map- Psychic Glass Dome
SLI.025- The Piss Superstition- The Dialled Number, The Bone-Breaker, The Heavenly Sword
SLI.026- TST- Tsim Sha Tsui
SLI.027- Claus Poulsen- Pressure Point
SLI.028- Michael Clough- MetaMachineMusic
SLI.029- Neil Campbell- Oystercatcher Salad
SLI.030- Hagman- Inundation

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Daniel Thomas & Midwich Twenty-three Taels
01 Twenty-three Taels 21:11
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Mel O'Dubhslaine I Can Remember the Faces of All the Grebs at My School
01 Man Taped Up and Beaten 01:36
02 I Can Remember the Faces of All the Grebs at My School 00:37
03 American Craft Beer the Hippest of Hops 00:38
04 Hundreds of Eggs 00:33
05 But What is Known About the Man Who Stalked the Streets Attacking Lone Women 02:09
06 Apple on Your Windshield 00:27
07 Acetate Cream Dream 00:17
08 Drinking All Day Dressed as Characters From Top Gun 02:00
09 Never Mind the Punk, it's Bollocks 00:46
10 Blankety 00:55
11 Smell of Chips 01:03
12 Signs of Deliberate Suffocation 01:47
13 Hundreds of Eggs 2 00:31
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Michael Clough Atem Tanz
01 Atem Tanz 18:49
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The Skull Mask Ella y Su Mirada Lasciva
01 Ella y Su Mirada Lasciva 20:01
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SLI.005 Download (CDr sold out!)
Hagman Wormwood
01 Wormwood 12:18
02 Squashed Fly 07:37
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SLI.006 Download (CDr sold out!)
Midwich Eaves
01 Eaves 20:35
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SLI.007 Download (CDr sold out!)
Andrew Jarvis Cardigan Arms
01 Cardigan Arms 17:06
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Aqua Dentata A Staircase Missing
01 Untitled 20:49
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SLI.009 Download (CDr sold out!)
Petals Whether to Drown
01 Calm (Before a Storm) 15:29
02 Viaduct For Two 05:17
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SLI.010 Download (CDr sold out!)
BBBlood N 51°33' 0'' / W 0°7' 0''
01 Obscurantism 09:38
02 Marseille 09:52
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SLI.011 Download (CDr sold out!)
Core of the Coalman 12 Lines
01 12 Lines 20:37
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SLI.012 Download (CDr sold out!)
Ap Martlet Pyrite
01 Pyrite 20:26
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SLI.013 Download (CDr sold out!)
Phil Julian Hive Work
01 Hive Work 19:19
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SLI.014 Download (CDr sold out!)
Sindre Bjerga Misdirection
01 Part One 08:58
02 Part Two 04:50
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SLI.015 Download (CDr sold out!)
Astral Social Club Squeegee Anthem #1
01 Squeegee Anthem #1 16:18
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SLI.016 Download (CDr sold out!)
Tuluum Shimmering Inside the Mountain
01 Inside the Mountain 19:40
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SLI.017 Download (CDr sold out!)
Daniel Thomas & Kevin Sanders Transit Timing Variations
01 Architectures of Multiple Planet Systems (Parts One & Two) 20:09
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SLI.018 Download (CDr sold out!)
Plurals Gland Extraction
01 Gland Extraction 21:06
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SLI.019 Download (CDr sold out!)
Hagman TKT and TMS
01 TKT and TMS 21:00
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SLI.020 Download (CDr sold out!)
Seth Cooke Run For Cover
01 Run For Cover 15:08
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SLI.021 Download (CDr sold out!)
These Feathers Have Plumes Untitled
01 Between Earth and Air 07:17
02 Don't Wish Your Life Away 08:42
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SLI.022 Download (CDr sold out!)
Inseminoid Vanessa Howard's Night Light
01 Vanessa Howard's Night Light 19:33
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SLI.023 Download (CDr sold out!)
Daniel Thomas Codeine
01 Codeine 20:19
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SLI.024 Download (CDr sold out!)
The Zero Map Psychic Glass Dome
01 Whale Song for the Electonic Generation 06:10
01 Shift 06:16
01 Halley's 8 Foot Iron Mural Quadrant 06:56
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SLI.025 Download (CDr sold out!)
The Piss Superstition The Dialled Number, The Bone​-​Breaker, The Heavenly Sword
01 The Dialled Number, The Bone​-​Breaker, The Heavenly Sword 21:58
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SLI.026 Download (CDr sold out!)
TST Tsim Sha Tsui
01 Tsim Sha Tsui 20:37
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SLI.027 Download (CDr sold out!)
Claus Poulsen Pressure Point
01 Pressure Point 05:38
01 Inner Space Re-Imagined 14:20
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SLI.028 Download (CDr sold out!)
Michael Clough MetaMachineMusic
01 MetaMachineMusic 16:39
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SLI.029 Download (CDr sold out!)
Neil Campbell Oystercatcher Salad
01 Oystercatcher Salad 21:30
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SLI.030 Download (CDr sold out!)
Hagman Inundation
01 Inundation 21:31
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