October 01, 2014

Various Artists - Eye for Detail

And so, Eye for Detail, the Midwich remix album is now available! A minimum donation of just a fiver will get you around three hours and forty minutes of material from a whole host of no audience underground favourites, including;

Andy Jarvis, Ap Martlet, Aqua Dentata, Breather, Brian Lavelle, Chrissie Caulfield, Clive Henry, Dale Cornish, Daniel Thomas, devotionalhallucinatic, DR:WR, dsic, Foldhead, Hardworking Families, In Fog, John Tuffen from Orlando Ferguson, Michael Clough, Michael Gillham, Neil Campbell, Panelak, Paul Watson, The Piss Superstition, Posset, Simon Aulman, Van Appears, Yol and ZN.

You can also read Rob's thoughts over at Radio Free Midwich.