April 03, 2014

RFM Talks "Extraction Music"

In his latest piece on the ever wonderful Radio Free Midwich, Mr Rob Hayler says some lovely things about recent releases from Ap Martlet, Kevin Sanders / Petals and yours truly. This is company that I'm very comfortable in; Dave and I record and perform as Hagman, whilst Kev and I frequently collaborate as a duo. Hey, the three of us even performed as a trio back in January.

So, what of "Extraction Music"?

Well, this is the term Rob uses to sub-categorise the sound that the three of us err towards and he describes it as such;

"Extraction music contains a large measure of drone spiced with a helping of throbbing, psychedelic noise and other ingredients. It can be heavy, urgent and demanding but it is not, as a rule, harsh or aggressive. Instead the sound is enveloping, fluctuating – fully engaged."

Click on the quote to read on at RFM...