April 25, 2014

Ap Martlet, Daniel Thomas and Hagman Gig Next Friday!

8pm | Friday 2nd May | FUSE Art Space, Bradford

Petrels | Hagman | Daniel Thomas | Ap Martlet

Facebook Event

So, a night at the lovely FUSE Art Space in Bradford, with solo sets from Dave and me, along with a Hagman set, in support of Petrels who are currently on tour.

Blurb borrowed from the Facebook listing;

"Petrels is the moniker of London-based musician Oliver Barrett. Having played in various bands, Oliver has put out several Petrels releases on various labels internationally including Denovali, Tartaruga, and Patient Sounds. As a composer he has had work commissioned by the BFI, London Word Festival and the Southbank Centre amongst others, and as a performer has played with artists ranging from Duane Pitre to Steve Beresford to Damo Suzuki. A multi-instrumentalist, Oliver's musical practice ranges from solo electronics, acoustic improvisation, band work, and sound art, to orchestral arrangements and song, drawing influences from a broad spectrum.

Petrels debut album 'Haeligewielle' quickly sold out its limited run upon release on Tartaruga Records in 2011 after making several best of the year lists before being re-issued on cult German label Denovali in 2012. Follow-up album 'Onkalo' received rave reviews after its release in early 2013, and third album, 'Mima', was released this year. Drawing inspiration from sources as wide-ranging as the Space Race, Angela Carter, early Cosmology, M. John Harrison, witchcraft, Iain M. Banks Culture novels, and the films of Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Mima is another immersive sonic landscape from Petrels - more interested in posing questions than providing easy answers."

"Ap Martlet - David Thomas; half of Hagman and Kirkstall Dark Matter label boss. Augmenting silence with home-made contraptions and analogue electronics to conjure sounds described by Radio Free Midwich as "humble masterworks of electrical engineering", releases on Sheepscar Light Industrial, Kirkstall Dark Matter and Chemiefaserwerk."

"Daniel Thomas - A rare solo appearance from the man behind Sheepscar Light Industrial and Cherry Row Recordings: usually seen performing as the other half of Hagman. Drones and electronic noise, combined with field recordings and feedback. "Subdued resonance as an aside to some thick droning synth, muffled choppy helicopter rhythms and smeared sci-fi debris.The mood is brooding and austere." - Idwal Fisher"

"Hagman - The aforementioned Daniel and David Thomas (no relation) combine forces in their more familiar pairing; "scene-leaders in crescendo management and deep, heavy electronics" - Rob Hayler. With past releases on Sheepscar Light Industrial, their debut album on Bristol's LF Records, should hopefully be available on the night."