March 19, 2014

Idwal Fisher: Underground Explorer

(Photo c/o Phill_dvsn)

Things are good in Leeds and West Yorkshire's no audience underground is in rude health. Like Sheepscar Beck it flows at a steady pace, a constantly changing amalgamation of the old and the new. Emerging only sporadically from its subterranean course, it frequently goes unnoticed by all but a few intrepid explorers. Here, Idwal Fisher dons his waders, checks the batteries on his head torch, turns the volume up to 11 and sets off to document the current state of play...

"You’ll find the word ‘Leeds’ running right through every one of these releases like Blackpool rock, be it label or artist. It seems that you cant walk the streets these days without tripping up over a noise artist or a drone label that limits its releases to 50 copies or less."

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Sheepscar Light Industrial Hairdryer Excommunication Altar of Waste
Angurosakuson Cherry Row Recordings

Click on the covers or head to Altar of Waste, Angurosakuson, Cherry Row Recordings, Hairdryer Excommunication or Sheepscar Light Industrial for more information...

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