January 15, 2014

Thomas-Sanders-Thomas at Cafe Oto

Hmmm... I was sure I'd posted about this here, as well as on Facebook etc, but it seems I didn't...

Any hoo, as part of Andie "These Feathers Have Plumes" Brown's birthday celebrations, there was a gig at Cafe Oto, featuring Slow Listener, BBBlood, Duncan Harrison and Thomas-Sanders-Thomas (a specially assembled trio of myself, Kevin Sanders and David Thomas).

It all went swimmingly and was a really good night, Andrej Chudy took some nice photos and Paul Margree gave us a grand write up, over at We Need No Swords;

"Seated facing each other around a tiny table with all manner of archaic and home made gubbins, they resembled a trio of sorcerers gathered to summon some heavy winters magic. They proceeded to rustle up a thick, grainy stew of noise that whipped around Oto’s small space like a viscous sandstorm and made me feel like my brain had been scrubbed clean with wire wool."

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(Photo c/o Andrej Chudy)