September 16, 2013

Recon & SLI Present...

On Saturday 28th of September from 1pm, Recon and SLI are very pleased to present a matinee of intrigue and interest, with sights and sounds to excite and entertain.

Starting off in the back room of The Brudenell Social Club, there shall be performances from Super Hagman, Plurals, Kogumaza and Bongoleeros, before we adjourn to Hyde Park Picture House for Vibracathedral Orchestra, with visuals from Andrew Lampert. A treat, for sure...

Vibracathedral Orchestra & Andrew Lampert

A unique live collaboration between renowned British underground music group Vibracathedral Orchestra and New York artist Andrew Lampert. Unfolding across two performances, Lampert will transpose sounds and images recorded at VCO’s first gig at the Bradford Playhouse, into their second at the Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds.

Formed in 1998 by Julian Bradley, Neil Campbell, Bridget Hayden, Adam Davenport and Michael Flower, VCO performances are long-form, drone-based multi-instrumental improvisations. This will be one of the groups first shows in Yorkshire this decade.

Situated at the intersection of film, video and performance Lampert’s work explores cinema as a live encounter between projector, projectionist, audience and screen.

The Bongoleeros

Taking the more Dadaist, visceral elements from the underground noise scene into ever more remedial territory, The Bongoleeros’ appearances around the pubs, clubs and back streets of the world have become things of legend. Hailing from the hard-to-pinpoint suburb of Pitchley, Leeds, the duo mash primitive blues, football/spiritual chants, and post punk audience/performer confusion to unearth the very thing that makes us tick off beat. From The Brudenell Social Club to Hyde Park Picture House: The Bongoleeros will take you there.


Nottingham’s premier droney ambient super-volume twin guitar and drums trio. The members past bands (Wolves of Greece, Lords, Little Girl With Cherries, Bob Tilton to name a few) pushed boundaries and blew minds, and Kogumaza have refined their take on repetitive riff-bliss to jawdropping levels. Their debut LP has been repressed by Low Point with a collaborative album with Nathan Bell (from Lungfish) coming soon.


Dave HS (Me With Others), Daniel W J Mackenzie (Ekca Liena) and Michael Neaves (One Man Team Dance), along with an ever-changing network of live and recorded guests, form the core of Plurals, who are making their long overdue Leeds debut. Adopting a stance that is strictly improvised and always forward looking, there’s no typical Plurals performance, however, previous outings reveal the band’s interests in psychedelic, free-noise, concrète, drone and doom. 2011 saw them tour the UK with Canadian ethereal doom duo Nadja and record a Latitudes Session with Baker at London’s legendary Southern Studios. Their physical releases have found homes on Striate Cortex, Dead Pilot, Dead Sea Liner, Tor Press and Sheepscar Light Industrial.

Super Hagman

Super Hagman are the extended 12" version of Hagman. As a duo, Daniel & David Thomas (no relation), can usually found hunched over an elaborate landscape of wires, synthesizers, laboratory equipment and effect pedals, producing sounds that modulate between power line hum, rhythmic clatter and soundscapes of dense drone. Especially for Recon, Super Hagman has the added extra of a live drummer; Gavin Montgomery from Castrato Attack Group.