September 28, 2012

Core of the Coalman's Comprehensive Catch Up

So, as I sit here on holiday (full of the same cold I always get after a long haul flight) it seems fitting to post about Jorge (that's Mr Core of the Coalman) who has just posted what can only be described as a comprehensive account of his recent travels, touring, recording and sight-seeing. In this journal, of particular note to me is Jorge's recounting of his time in Leeds for the gig with Ashtray Navigations, Cm nG and Hagman, about whom he says some lovely things;

It was, indeed, a cracking night; I should also add that the Cm nG set can be tracked down on the ever dependable "The Crow Versus Crow Radio Show (#38") and that I have been loving the discs I traded with Jorge. Using Affinity Groups as a soundtrack to my time in Manchester Airport made the experience eminently more enjoyable.

(Photo c/o Core of the Coalman)