August 12, 2012

Pyongyang Plastics Praise Atem Tanz

Passing praise, but praise all the same for the amazing Atem Tanz by Michael Clough on the (SLI recommended reading) Pyongyang Plastics blog.


  1. simon pyongyang14:41

    Hi Daniel - nice to talk to you. Um, "passing praise" eh ? That's "brilliance" as in BRILLIANCE as in BBBRRRRIIILLLIIIAAANNNCCEEE !!!! - ie it's brilliant, ie its fantastic, ie it was the greatest thing all day all week all lifetime maybe, ie it's unforgettable, ie it's fantastic, it it'w wonderful , ie it's comparable to 20JFGs one of theeee most eternal albums of all, un, eternity, ie it's beautifully fearlessly minimal ..., thinking back maybe we didn't use enough exclamation marks, so to make up for it here goes - Atem Tanz is bloody BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Phew, hope that's clear. All the best with the label - love - simon pyongyang

  2. Ha ha...

    Hello Simon, nice for you to pop up on here. When I say "passing", I mean that it was a comment made in passing, within a torrent of praise for other sounds and not a specific praise filled entity that I could direct my readers (assuming there are readers) towards...

    I thoroughly appreciate both your initial, and this subsequent, outpouring of praise. Thank you. You're a good man in a bad world. And, I agree, I sat in a giddy stupor as I burned Mr Clough's throbbing analogue goodness on to my tiny silver discs: sharing such brilliance with the world is a treat.

    So, you filling up your car with petrol and driving up to Leeds at the end of November to witness Clough, Hayler and Todd performing as Truant? I will reserve a special space on the merch table for Yellow Chav discs...