June 06, 2012

Vital Weekly Review of Delighted in Isolation

Hey hey, the good people of the Vital Weekly podcast have included a track from Delighted in Isolation and written a nice review;

(Photo by Andy Robinson)

On the recently reviewed CDR by Midwich, see Vital Weekly 829, we found a track recorded in collaboration with Daniel Thomas, which apparently was liked by Striate Cortex that they invited him to do a CDR on his own. Like Midwich, Thomas is from Leeds and like Midwich his music owes a bit to the world of drone music. But a difference is that Midwich works clearly with a background of organ like sounds and for Thomas its less easy to say what he does or what his sound sources are. His drone music is then a bit different too. Occasionally a bit more pulse like, such as in the second or the seventh tracks (all untitled), but then also, at other times a bit more oriented towards to the more heavy, noisier drone clusters such as in the eighth piece. Its not always the most refined voices in drone music Daniel Thomas uses here, although the fourth piece shows he can. Sometimes however things are quite loud and dirty and its never easy to tell what Thomas want with his music. Set forward to please people, lull them to sleep, or perhaps give them a perfect nightmare. Whatever it is, he does it quite well. In the crowded of even noisy drone makers, Thomas shows quite a promise for the future. (FdW)
Address: http://striatecortex.wordpress.com"

(Review by Frans de Waard for Vital Weekly)