May 01, 2012

Another Running Repairs Review

Hello all, the good people of the Vital Weekly podcast have chosen to include a track from midwich's running repairs, about which they have also said nice words in their review;

(Scan by Rob Hayler)

Although around for a considerable amount of time, Midwich has not always been the most prolific artist when it comes to 'commercial' releases, but on his blog you can these days download pretty much everything he ever did. For the last four years there wasn't much new music, but now its time to start again. Rob Hayler used to run his own CDR label, Fencing Flatworm but these days he mainly releases on other labels, such as Striate Cortex, who are now up to catalogue number 46 (which means I may have missed a few for review). From the vast amount of music I only heard a few, but drone like capacities they all seem to have. Here we have three pieces, two quite long and one very short, 'Pennine Interlude'. In the opening piece 'New Territories', which we could regard as a programmatic title, the drones are a bit louder and more forceful than before. Its recorded with one Daniel Thomas and it sounds like a bunch of toy organs being recorded with an open microphone in a small space. Lots of van/motor sounds and the organs filling up the small, confined space. The 'Pennine Interlude' sounds a like radio collage of voice and field recordings, driving you into 'Bosky', at just under twenty six minutes the highlight of the release. Here the organ drones are picked up from the mixing desk, being processed by some sound effects but to great minimal effect. With more variation than 'Opening Territories', but with an equally loud effect at some point, after a long and slow build up. The new territory is there, and its slightly different than the old one, but unmistakably its there. A fine return to a new form. (FdW)

(Review by Frans de Waard for Vital Weekly)