April 11, 2012

Product and Performance

Morning all (he says, implying that there are readers other than the author),

Just a quick post to say that the new midwich release - running repairs - from Striate Cortex (which ensures both beauty and quality) is now available and yours truly features on the opening track, in a super-special "midwich as power duo" experiment.

(Scan by Rob Hayler)

I'd say more about it, but Rob says everything and more, over at the excellent radio free midwich.

As for Hagman - the other power duo that I'm a founder and full-time member of - we have a gig next Tuesday, that's April 17th, at the lovely Wharf Chambers, in the sunshine city of Leeds. This is with friends of Sheepscar Light Industrial, Galaxians (you may spot my re-edit of one of their tracks over at their SoundCloud) and Clara Clara, who I am currently unfamiliar with. Facebook event thingy (with no mention of Hagman) here...

There's also another Hagman gig on May 5th, at the Kirkgate Centre, Shipley, as part of the Ante exhibition and bookfair, quoting from the Kirkgate Centre website;

"Celebrating May Day in Shipley, Ante takes the idea of art and scrapes off the dogma, the commercialism and the elitism. Ante explores and celebrates the use of art as an expression of free will and a megaphone for those whose collective voices struggle to be heard."

Sounds good to me...

I'll also be over in Warrington next Thursday (April 19th), supplying some sounds before and during ALLONE.

ALLONE is presented by Pyramid & Parr Hall and Kate Jackson Projects, featuring five solo performances from Genevieve Say, Jen Hale, Jo Ashbridge, Gavin Coward and Kate Jackson, performing Solo. Solo was the second project I'd collaborated with Kate on, composing and designing the sound.