April 03, 2012

Errr... Hello, I guess...

Hello there, this is Dan (Daniel Thomas) and I thank you for visiting Sheepscar Light Industrial; which is where you're at right now. Sheepscar Light Industrial is a record label. It is my record label. Woo!

I'm not sure if an actual record will ever get produced, but that's a nice thought, isn't it? At present, the idea is that, each month, I'll be producing a limited run of fifty (50) CD-R discs, packaged in a reasonably fetching manner. These discs will be purchasable for the price of their postage and packaging, plus any donation you see fit to throw my way in sympathy / appreciation. The latter would be the ideal, however the former shall not be sniffed at...

That's all for now. Laters,


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